Business Competition

Consumers benefit from markets that are dynamic and efficient with the result that goods and services are provided at competitive prices.

Cartel Leniency Policy

The Cartel Leniency Policy explains how a company or an individual can apply for conditional immunity or formal cooperation in relation to cartel conduct.

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Fact sheets

The Commerce Commission publishes fact sheets to help businesses better understand how to avoid anti-competitive behaviour.

Popular fact sheets:

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Mergers and acquisitions

The Commerce Commission has both an enforcement and adjudication role in relation to mergers and acquisitions under the Commerce Act.

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Anti-competitive practices

The Commerce Act prohibits anti-competitive agreements between firms such as agreements to fix prices or to carve up markets. It also makes it illegal for companies to take advantage of a substantial degree of market power for an anti-competitive purpose.

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Competition downloads

The complete list of currently available Competition resources available as PDF downloads.

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