Construction sector

In early 2010 the Commission undertook research to better understand the levels of awareness of competition law in the non-residential construction sector.

This sector was identified for the research as it is a major driver in the economy, and has also been shown overseas to be prone to anti-competitive conduct. The findings suggest some construction businesses have low levels of awareness of competition law.

The research was conducted by independent company Research New Zealand and provides information that the Commission will use to educate the sector about what activities might breach the Commerce Act, and how to avoid being either a party to or the victim of anti-competitive behaviour.

Construction sector research – key findings

Research New Zealand was commissioned to conduct a small number of qualitative interviews with commercial building contractors, a group the Commerce Commission considers may be susceptible to cartel conduct.

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Construction sector research – questions and answers

Questions and answers about the Commission's research in the construction sector and what this means for the industry.

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