The Commerce Commission publishes guidelines to help consumers and businesses better understand the Fair Trading Act.

These publications are guidelines only, and reflect the Commerce Commission's view. They are not intended to be definitive, and should not be used instead of legal advice. Only the courts can make an authoritative ruling on breaches of the Fair Trading Act.

Business guide to unfair contract terms

If you are a business that deals with consumers and you use standard form contracts, you need to make sure your terms are fair.

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Prepaid phone card industry guidelines

These guidelines outline the Commission’s view of how the Fair Trading Act applies to advertising of prepaid phone cards. It is designed to give prepaid phone card companies a better understanding of how to comply with the Act.

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Telecommunications product bundling guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help telecommunications retailers better understand the Commerce Commission's application of the Fair Trading Act in relation to the disclosure of bundled telecommunications products.

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Unfair contract terms guidelines

These guidelines set out the Commission’s intended approach to enforcing new provisions of the Fair Trading Act relating to unfair contract terms. These provisions came into force on 17 March 2015.

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