Product safety standards

Regulations setting mandatory safety standards for certain products are enforced by the Commission under the Fair Trading Act. The purpose of these regulations is to prevent or reduce the risk of injury.

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Read an overview of product safety and consumer information standards.

The standards

There are currently six product safety standard regulations. They are for:

Product safety standard regulations may cover:

  • the nature of the product and its performance - for example, composition, contents, manufacture, processing, design, construction, finish or packaging
  • tests the product should go through during or after manufacture
  • the form and content of any markings, warnings or instructions on the product.

It is a breach of the Act to fail to comply with the requirements of any product safety standard regulations.

The full product safety standard regulations are available from selected bookshops or on the New Zealand Legislation website. Any relevant standards referred to in the regulations can be purchased from Standards New Zealand by calling 0800 782 632 or via its website.

The factsheets are only guidelines and do not include the detail that is contained in the related standards and regulations.

Product safety standards – Know your responsibilities as a trader

This guide provides a short summary of the product safety regulations and standards.

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Baby walkers

Baby walkers allow children a greater range of movement and speed than they normally would have. This product safety standard aims to minimise the risk of injury associated with children using baby walkers, for example, from falling down stairs or from tipping over.

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Children's nightwear

This product safety standard intends to help reduce the risk of children being injured if their nightwear accidentally catches on fire.

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Children's toys

Most children under the age of 36 months do not have a developed coughing reflex. This Product Safety Standard aims to reduce the risk of injury or death to young children by ensuring that toys intended for their use are not so small, or do not have parts so small, that they could be swallowed or ingested causing choking.

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Cigarette lighters

These product safety standards aim to prevent deaths and serious injuries, as well as property damage and loss, caused by fires from lighter failures or from children playing with lighters.

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Household cots

This product safety standard sets out requirements and tests for materials, design, construction, performance and labelling of household cots. The aim is to reduce the risk of injury or death to infants and babies from the use of unsafe cots.

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Pedal bicycles

This Product Safety Standard aims to minimise the risk of injury to people through accidents caused by a failure in a bicycle's structure or parts, poor assembly, or lack of warnings about safety issues.

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Unsafe goods notices

Importing, supplying or advertising goods declared by the Minister of Consumer Affairs to be unsafe is an offence under the Fair Trading Act. The Minister may declare any goods unsafe where it appears they may cause injury.

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