Our priorities in electricity distribution

In November 2017 we issued an open letter to stakeholders about our priorities for our work in the electricity distribution sector for 2017/18 and beyond. 

We seek feedback from stakeholders on the proposed focus areas to help ensure we are targeting our efforts on the highest value areas, and are choosing the most effective tools available for encouraging improved sector performance.

The Commission welcomes feedback on the open letter to regulation.branch@comcom.govt.nz by the end of 2017.

Commerce Commission priorities 

As part of our commitment to greater transparency and increasing the public's understanding of what we do and how we do it, we publish our priorities for each financial year. There are a number of areas the Commission will always regard as a priority due to the potential significant impact on consumers, businesses or markets in New Zealand. Alongside these enduring priorities we are committed to targeting a small number of focus areas where we have identified a need for greater scrutiny.

Read our Priorities now.

We expand on what the Commission’s 2017/18 priorities mean for our work in the electricity distribution sector in our open letter, which is available below.