Information disclosed from March 2013 to June 2018

The purpose of information disclosure regulation is to ensure that sufficient information is readily available to interested persons to assess whether the purpose of Part 4 of the Commerce Act is being met.

Information disclosed by electricity distributors in Schedules 1-12 of the information disclosure requirements can be found below.

We have taken the information from the public disclosures which are available on each distributor’s website. Schedules 14a, 14b and 15 contain relevant notes on the disclosures and have not been reproduced. Users should refer to the original disclosures for this background information.

The database contains transitional disclosure information provided in August 2013 with disclosures covering 2010-2013 for selected schedules. Schedules 11 and 12 contain annual expenditure forecasts to 2028.


Electricity distributors information disclosures – 2013-2018

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Electricity distributors information disclosures 2013 – June 2018 xlsm (54 MB)
Published on 14 June 2018