Performance Accessibility Tool for electricity distributors

Under Part 4 of the Commerce Act, we are required to publish summary and analysis of information disclosed by the electricity distributors we regulate.  

Our Performance Accessibility Tool (PAT) uses Tableau, a data visualisation software, to present information on selected range of information disclosure data from the last 5 years covering profitability and revenue, capital and operating expenditure, and reliability.

Click on the image below to be directed to the Performance Accessibility Tool.

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If you have access to a Tableau application, you can download the Performance Accessibility Tool for electricity distributors.

An introduction to PAT

The Performance Accessibility Tool (PAT) uses data that the Commerce Commission collects from the 29 electricity distribution businesses that we regulate in accordance with information disclosure requirements which are located here. An information  disclosure database is also compiled in Microsoft Excel and can be downloaded here.


Please provide any feedback or ideas for future updates on the Performance Accessibility Tool to