Cost of capital 2018

The cost of capital is the financial return investors require from an investment given its risk.

The input methodologies require the Commission to publish estimates of the cost of capital at regular intervals for each type of service. Estimates of the cost of capital for information disclosure purposes are determined annually. Estimates of the cost of capital for price-quality regulation are used in setting prices so they are determined before each new regulatory period.

On this page you can find the determinations of the cost of capital made in accordance with the input methodologies determinations.

Previous cost of capital determinations can be found in the IMs archive.

Project timeline

Type Description Indicative date/s
Final WACC for ID for EDBs and Airports with March year-end (EDBs and WIAL) 30/04/2018
Final WACC for ID for GDBs and Airports with June year-end and Transpower (GasNet, Vector, AIAL, CIAL and Transpower) 31/07/2018
Final WACC for ID for GPBs with September year-end (First Gas and Powerco GDB, First Gas GTB) 31/10/2018


These dates are not official and may change. Please see the Terms and Conditions for further limitations.


Cost of capital determination – 30 April 2018

30/04/2018 (1 documents)

[2018] NZCC 7 Cost of capital determination – EDBs and Airports (WIAL) ID – 30 April 2018 PDF (417 KB)
Published on 30 April 2018