Decisions register

The decisions register is a collection of all recent Commerce Commission decisions.

Decision number Decision Date Section
[2012] NZCC 20 Cost of capital determination for the information disclosure year 2013 for Transpower, gas pipeline businesses and specified airport services 30/07/2012 Electricity transmission, gas pipelines and airports
[2012] NZCC 19 Clarification of the Vodafone New Zealand Rural Broadband Initiative Deed 23/07/2012 Telecommunications
[2012] NZCC 18 Electricity and gas input methodology determination amendments 29/06/2012 Electricity and gas pipelines
[2012] NZCC 17 Transpower input methodologies determination 29/06/2012 Electricity transmission
[2012] NZCC 16 Chorus information disclosure determination 2012 28/06/2012 Telecommunications
[2012] NZCC 15 Local Fibre Companies information disclosure determination 2012 28/06/2012 Telecommunications
[2012] NZCC 14 Universal Music Holdings Limited and EMI Group Global Limited clearance determination 21/06/2012 Clearances
[2012] NZCC 13 Epay New Zealand Limited and Ezi-Pay Limited clearance determination 15/06/2012 Clearances
[2012] NZCC 12 UBA and UBA Backhaul standard terms determination clarification 17/04/2012 Telecommunications
[2012] NZCC 11 Pact Group Pty Limited and Viscount Plastics (NZ) clearance determination 10/05/2012 Clearances
[2012] NZCC 10 Cost of capital determination for information disclosure year 2013 for specified airport services (March year-end) and electricity distribution services 27/04/2012 Electricity distribution and airports
[2012] NZCC 9 Visy Industries Australia Pty Limited and HP Industries (New Zealand) Limited clearance determination 30/03/2012 Clearances
[2012] NZCC 8 Canterbury SCL Limited and MedLab South Limited clearance determination 22/03/2012 Clearances
[2012] NZCC 7 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited and Kotahi Logistics authorisation determination 15/03/2012 Authorisations
[2012] NZCC 6 IAG New Zealand Holdings Limited and AMI Insurance (operations) Limited clearance determination 29/02/2012 Clearances
[2012] NZCC 5 Airport information disclosure determination omnibus amendment No.1 27/02/2012 Airports
[2012] NZCC 4 Electricity distribution services default price-quality path determination amendment No.3 22/03/2012 Electricity distribution
[2012] NZCC 3 Transpower individual price-quality path amendment 31/01/2012 Electricity transmission
[2012] NZCC 2 Transpower capital expenditure input methodology determination 31/01/2012 Electricity transmission
[2012] NZCC 1 Maui cost of capital determination for the 2013 information disclosure year 31/01/2012 Gas pipelines