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The decisions register is a collection of all recent Commerce Commission decisions.

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Decision number Decision Date Section
[2014] NZCC 30 Expedia Inc and Holdings Limited clearance determination 04/11/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 29 Cost of capital determination for information disclosure year 2015 for Powerco Limited in respect of gas distribution services 31/10/2014 Gas distribution
[2014] NZCC 28 Cost of capital determination for electricity distribution businesses default price-quality paths and Transpower's individual price-quality path 31/10/2014 Electricity transmission and distribution
[2014] NZCC 27 Final decision on the WACC percentile for price-quality regulation 30/10/2014
[2014] NZCC 26 Tuakau Proteins Limited, Graeme Lowe Protein Limited and Taranaki By Products Limited clearance determination 08/10/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 25 Cost of capital determination for CPP proposals made by electricity distribution businesses 30/09/2014 Electricity distribution
[2014] NZCC 24 Final decision on the WACC determination date 26/09/2014 Electricity transmission and distribution
[2014] NZCC 23 Final decision on setting Transpower's individual price-quality path for 2015-2020 29/08/2014 Electricity transmission
[2014] NZCC 22 Final decision on amendments to input methodologies for Transpower 28/08/2014 Electricity transmission
[2014] NZCC 21 CDC Pharmaceuticals Limited and Pharmacy Wholesalers (Central) Limited clearance determination 21/08/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 20 Atlas Copco South Pacific Holding Pty Limited and Ash Air Businesses (from Lancaster Group Limited) clearance determination 30/07/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 19 Cost of capital determination for information disclosure year 2015 for Transpower, gas pipeline businesses and suppliers of specified airport services (with a June year-end [2014] NZCC 19 31/07/2014 Electricity transmission, gas pipelines and airports
[2014] NZCC 18 Oji Oceania Management (NZ) Limited and Carter Holt Harvey Limited clearance determination 29/07/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 17 Bledisloe New Zealand Limited and Cremation Society of Canterbury Limited and Harewood Memorial Gardens & Crematorium Limited clearance determination 24/07/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 16 Cost of capital determination for customised price-quality path proposals made by Maui Development Limited 18/07/2014 Gas pipelines
[2014] NZCC 14 Final 2012/13 TDL Liability Allocation Determination 27/05/2014 Telecommunications
[2014] NZCC 13 Telecom New Zealand Limited and The Crown clearance determination 30/05/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 12 IAG (NZ) Holding Limited and Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) Limited clearance determination 06/05/2014 Clearances
[2014] NZCC 11 Final decision on Bunnythorpe-Haywards Lines A and B major capex proposal 09/05/2014 Electricity transmission
[2014] NZCC 10 Cost of capital determination for specified airport services (March year-end) and electricity distribution services 30/04/2014 Electricity distribution and airports