Decisions register

The decisions register is a collection of all recent Commerce Commission decisions.

Decision number Decision Date Section
[2015] NZCC 30 Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited and Tournament Parking Limited clearance determination 11/11/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 29 Transpower Individual Price-Quality Path Amendment Determination 2015 05/11/2015 Electricity transmission
[2015] NZCC 28 Electricity and Gas Customised Paths Input Methodologies Amendments Determination 2015 12/11/2015 Electricity distribution and gas pipeline services
[2015] NZCC 27 Transpower Input Methodologies Amendment Determination 2015 (No 2) 22/10/2015 Electricity transmission
[2015] NZCC 26 Cost of capital determination for ID year 2016 for Powerco GDB 30/10/2015 Gas distribution
[2015] NZCC 25 B100 Limited and Realcold Limited clearance determination 06/10/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 24 FedEx Corporation and TNT Express N.V. clearance determination 01/10/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 23 Cost of capital determination for CPP proposals made by electricity distribution businesses 30/09/2015 Electricity distribution
[2015] NZCC 22 Evolution Healthcare (NZ) Pty Ltd and Medusa Limited & Royston Health Trust Board clearance determination 21/09/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 21 Final decision on amending Transpower’s allowance and outputs for the NIGU Project 2015 06/08/2015 Electricity transmission
[2015] NZCC 20 Cost of capital determination for ID year 2016 for Transpower, GPBs and suppliers of specified airport services 31/07/2015 Electricity transmission, gas transmission, airports
[2015] NZCC 19 Pfizer Inc and Hospira Inc clearance determination 16/07/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 18 Electricity Distribution Services (Powerco) Default Price-Quality Path Amendment Determination 2015 09/07/2015 Electricity distribution
[2015] NZCC 17 Cost of capital determination for customised price-quality path proposals made by Maui Development Limited for gas transmission services 30/06/2015 Gas transmission
[2015] NZCC 16 Final decision to consider the WACC percentile for airport services as part of the IM review 10/06/2015 Airport services
[2015] NZCC 15 Final decision to consider IRIS for gas pipeline businesses as part of the IM review 10/06/2015 Gas distribution
[2015] NZCC 14 Staples, Inc and Office Depot, Inc clearance determination 05/06/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 13 Cost of capital determination for the 2016 information disclosure year for electricity distribution services and specified airport services (March year-end) 30/04/2015 Electricity distribution and airports
[2015] NZCC 12 Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc and Johnson & Johnson clearance determination 24/04/2015 Clearances
[2015] NZCC 11 Infant Nutrition Council restrictive trade practice application 02/04/2015 Authorisation