International relations

The Commerce Commission is part of a global network of similar competition law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Participating in international liaison programmes allows the Commission to both learn from and contribute to other agencies' knowledge about common issues.

The Commission has entered into a number of international agreements with overseas agencies that have responsibility for enforcement of comparable competition and consumer protection laws.

These agreements generally provide for co-operation between the agencies on matters of common interest, including:

  • notification relating to activities that impact on the other jurisdiction;
  • co-ordination of enforcement activities;
  • exchange of information in certain circumstances; and
  • joint educational programmes and publications.

The Commission also participates regularly in other international activities, such as conferences, forums and working groups and global publications, which enhance understanding and cooperation between competition and regulatory agencies.


Mark Berry and John Pecman April 2016

Dr Mark Berry (NZCC) and John Pecman (CCB) signing a cooperation arrangement on 12 April 2016

IMG 2668 2

Chairman Dr Mark Berry with Lord David Currie (CMA) on a trip to Wellington, April 2015

Mark Berry and Rod Sims signing cooperation agreement 27 February 2013

Dr Mark Berry (NZCC) and Rod Sims (ACCC) signing a cooperation agreement on 27 February 2013

See the agreements and arrangements below.


Arrangement with Canada

13/04/2016 (1 documents)

NZCC and CCB – Cooperation Agreement – 12 April 2016 PDF (240 KB)
Published on 13 April 2016