Current consultations

Review of Milk Price Manual 2017/18 season

Project status: Submissions on Draft report due 15 November 2017

Under section 150H of the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 (as amended July 2012) the Commission must review Fonterra’s Milk Price Manual for each season and make a report on the extent to which it is consistent with the purpose set out in section 150A of the Act.

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Powerco customised price-quality path proposal

Project status: Draft decision on Powerco's maximum average prices and required quality standards due 17 November 2017

On 12 June 2017 the Commerce Commission received Powerco’s application seeking a customised price-quality path (CPP) that would allow it to upgrade its electricity lines network over 5 years.

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Amendments to information disclosure requirements 2017

Project status: Final standard track decision for other technical remedial and consequential changes across the various regulated sectors due late 2017

The Commission is proposing amendments to information disclosure determinations for airport services, electricity distribution and gas pipeline businesses to address identified issues for the 2018 disclosure years for airport, electricity distribution and gas pipeline services.

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Related party transactions provisions

Project status: Final decision on related party transactions IM and ID provisions due 22 December 2017

This page contains information on our review of the related party transactions provisions being carried out as part of the input methodologies review.  Related party transactions occur when a regulated business transacts with an entity which is related to it by a common shareholding or other common control.

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Waikato and Upper North Island voltage management

Project status: Draft decision due September 2018

The closure of Southdown and Otahuhu Power stations in Auckland and the proposed closure of the Huntly Power Station in Waikato are expected to cause voltage management issues in the Auckland and Waitako regions as peak electricity demand increases.

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Customised price-quality paths requirements

Project status: Cross-submissions on CPP information requirements for gas pipeline businesses draft decision due 14 November 2017

This page contains information on the review of the input methodologies for customised price-quality paths (CPP requirements) topic being considered as part of the input methodologies review.

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Input methodologies review

Project status: Draft decision on IM review of related party transactions provisions due August 2017

This page includes information on the review of the input methodologies that the Commission must undertake within 7 years of setting the input methodologies.

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Summary and analysis of information disclosure

Project status: Submissions on the process and issues paper due 28 November 2017

Under Section 53B(2)(b) of the Commerce Act, the Commerce Commission is required to publish summary and analysis of information that is publicly disclosed by regulated airports.

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