How we deal with reports

We are grateful for information from the public. Reports about businesses or persons help us understand what issues cause the most harm to New Zealand consumers and where best to direct our resources. 

When we receive your report about a business or person, it's recorded in our database. After that, a number of things can happen to it:

  • If we need more information from you, we'll contact you.
  • If the issue you have reported potentially breaches one of the laws we enforce, we will assess it and decide on an appropriate course of action.
  • If another agency is better suited to act, we may refer your report to that agency if we can (and if you have provided us with your permission). More than a quarter of the reports we get are about things we don't deal with.
  • If we decide that it doesn't in fact breach any of the laws we enforce, we'll close the report.
  • If you make a complaint about the Commerce Commission, it will be assigned to a manager to answer. See our Complaints Policy for more details.

We assess all reports made to us and use that information to decide what matters we should prioritise and investigate. However, we are not a complaint handling body and we do not investigate every allegation made to us.

The information you provide will remain in our database and may be referred to for future assessments of similar conduct.

Sometimes following an investigation we are able to achieve financial redress for affected consumers. However we are not a dispute resolution service. You may need to take your own action if you want your individual issue to be resolved, such as getting your money back.

Please note that in most cases we do not provide updates on reports made to the Commission. In order to make the best use of our limited resources we will only contact you if we require further information.

Consumer issues report

We will also use your report to support analysis of consumer harm as part of our annual Consumer Issues report. The Consumer Issues report is an assessment that looks at the issues currently affecting consumers from trading activities, and identifies potential risks which could affect consumers in the future. The purpose of the report is to inform the Commission’s internal planning by identifying issues that may affect markets or consumers, or provide opportunities for protecting and promoting competition.

Read our annual Consumer issues report.

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