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Keeping abreast of international developments in competition law and policy

Published on 27 August 2013

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In June 2013 Sue Begg, the Commission’s Deputy Chair, represented New Zealand at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Competition Committee and working party meetings

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Surveys show health professionals will benefit from competition and consumer law guidance

Published on 25 February 2013

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Recent surveys undertaken with a number of health professional groups, show professionals working in the health and disability sector will benefit from the guidance materials currently under development by the Commission.

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Launch of new Enforcement Response Guidelines

Published on 23 November 2012

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The Commission is committed to increasing transparency about its work, and understanding of its decision-making processes. The publication of our new Enforcement Response Guidelines today is a further step in that direction.

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Spotlight on the Christchurch rebuild

Published on 19 October 2012

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With billions of dollars at stake in the Christchurch rebuild, the Commerce Commission is turning its attention to assisting those involved in the reconstruction to understand and avoid being part of anti-competitive activities such as collusion, bid rigging or price fixing.

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Educating health professionals on competition and consumer laws

Published on 21 September 2012

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The Commerce Commission has a new initiative aimed at lifting understanding of how competition and consumer laws are applied in the health and disability sector. It’s part of our growing focus on using advocacy as a means of raising levels of awareness of the benefits of competition and through this, raising levels of compliance with competition and consumer laws.

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