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Commission releases telco market developments snapshot for 2017

10 April 2018

The Commerce Commission has released a snapshot paper about telecommunications market developments in 2017.

The paper provides a summary of key market developments in 2017, including:

  • consumers being offered increasingly diverse bundles of telco services including electricity or streaming video services, and large or unlimited data bundles for mobile phones
  • an increasing variety of broadband options leading to growth in both fixed-wireless and fibre connections
  • the rise of mainstream viewing of TV content over the internet.

In previous years our Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report included a snapshot of market developments. However, our 11th Annual Monitoring Report, released in December 2017, was condensed to focus on key trends, allowing it to be released 5 months earlier than in previous years.

We are now developing additional topic papers on specific areas of interest, market developments, and trends. A second topic paper on broadband performance monitoring will be released later this year.

The topic paper can be found here.


Under the Telecommunications Act, the Commission is required to monitor competition, development, and performance of telecommunications markets and to make information about these matters available.