There are two avenues for individuals and businesses to formally cooperate with the Commission.

Cartel Leniency Policy and Guidelines

The Commission’s leniency programme is a key tool to encourage reporting of cartel conduct. It offers the first party that applies for leniency the opportunity to obtain full immunity from any Commission enforcement action in exchange for full cooperation. Our policy and guidelines clarify what the Commission expects from parties involved in cartel conduct who apply for immunity or cooperation concessions, as well as what they can expect from the Commission.

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Cooperation Policy

Our Cooperation Policy sets out the circumstances in which we may agree to a lower level of enforcement action for participants who are willing to cooperate with our investigations.

Our Cooperation Policy applies to:

  • The Commerce Act (excluding cartels)
  • Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003
  • Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001
  • Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998
  • Fair Trading Act 1986.

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