2019/20 priorities

Enduring priorities

There are a number of areas the Commission will always regard as a priority due to the potential significant impact on consumers, businesses and markets in New Zealand, or because they are a core part of our statutory role.

Focus areas

Each year we target our resources on specific areas that fall within our remit and which are important to everyday life and the economy. For 2019/20 these are:

  • Environmental claims
  • Online retail
  • Motor vehicle financing and related add-ons
  • Educating traders about conduct that may contravene cartel laws
  • Consulting on and complete the fuel market study
  • Resetting the five-year revenue limits and quality standards for electricity networks
  • Monitoring and reporting on telecommunications retail service quality
  • New up-front regulatory rules for fibre broadband services.


Connecting is an important part of increasing our understanding and effectiveness – both individually as a regulator, and as part of the wider regulatory system.

In 2019/20 we connecting with consumers, engaging with business, working across the system, hosting Competition Matters 2019, maintaining relationships with international agencies and ensuring information sharing arrangements between agencies provide appropriate controls to maintain public trust and confidence in the system.

Legislative change

We will continue to contribute to policy development over the coming year to ensure legislation we implement is workable and effective.

See our 2019/20 priorities PDF (780 KB) See our 2018/19 priorities PDF (577 KB)