2018/19 priorities

Enduring priorities

There are a number of areas the Commission will always regard as a priority due to the potential significant impact on consumers, businesses and markets in New Zealand, or because they are a core part of our statutory role.

Legislative change

We will continue to contribute to policy development over the coming year to ensure legislation we implement is workable and effective.

Addressing consumer harm

Identifying and addressing consumer harm is at the core of our consumer protection work. For 2018/19 our priority focus areas are:

  • Retail telecommunications
  • Responsible lending
  • Online retail
  • Motor vehicle sales
  • Investigating non-notified mergers
  • Quality of service provided by electricity distributors

Improving our understanding

We will focus on further increasing our understanding of emerging technology and the digital economy and its implications for consumers, competition and regulation.

See our 2018/19 priorities PDF (577 KB) See our 2017/18 priorities PDF (1 MB)