Fuel market studies infographicThe purpose of the study is to consider and evaluate whether competition in the retail fuel market is promoting outcomes that benefit New Zealand consumers over the long-term. The study is focused on the supply of retail petrol and diesel for use in land transport. We will not be evaluating fuel markets such as aviation or marine.

The terms of reference for the study can be found here.

We published our draft report for the study on 20 August 2019 and have also published comments received on this report.

We will publish our final report on 5 December 2019. These findings will be made publicly available and may include recommendations that identify ways to improve outcomes at the pump for New Zealand motorists.

We are continuing to engage with and gather evidence from a wide range of stakeholders, including the fuel industry, motoring groups, consumer bodies and consumers as part of our study. Information relating to the study, including working papers, submissions, our draft report, and a timeline for our current and remaining planned consultation steps are available through the links below.

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