Consumers can now access language services through our 0800 number, allowing them to make a complaint in Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Te Reo, Tongan, Spanish or Samoan.

We have also had key pages and factsheets on our website translated, so consumers and businesses can learn more about their rights and responsibilities in common situations in Te Reo, Samoan, Tongan, Korean and simplified Chinese.

To communicate the availability of these new tools, the Commission embarked on a small-scale social media campaign, specifically aiming to connect with Chinese, Samoan, Tongan, Korean and Māori communities with advertising across Facebook and WeChat platforms that are currently used by members of these communities.

As a result of the campaign, initial data shows we reached nearly 35,000 people across our targeted audiences with the message, with nearly 2,000 people commenting, reacting, or sharing the information.

For anyone wanting to access the resources on our website, there is a landing page dedicated to the five different language options. Alternatively, drop-down boxes allow users to switch between the various language options on all of the English pages that have been translated.

The aim of the Connecting with all New Zealanders project is to improve and explore new avenues to enhance outreach, influence and connect with wider cultural groups in New Zealand.

The Commerce Commission is committed to getting important messages out to all parts of the community, and anyone wanting to make a complaint using our new multiple language options can call us on 0800 943 600.