We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the level of interest we’ve received in our free It’s All Good resources to teach teenagers their consumer rights.

The resources are aimed at Year 9 and 10 business and social science students and were developed with the help of an experienced practising teacher.

The resources are targeted at teenagers at the age many will get their first job and start making their own borrowing and purchasing decisions. The resources are designed to help teens become confident consumers who know their basic rights and how to exercise them and focus on common situations like buying a car, getting a loan, being visited by door-to-door salespeople, and making a decision about whether to buy an extended warranty.

Over the past month, we’ve had a steady stream of teachers from Gore to Northland requesting the USB with the resources which include a student workbook, teacher’s PowerPoint instructions, interactive quizzes, and a board game.

If you know a teacher who would like the resources or think they would come in handy with your work in this space please email communications@comcom.govt.nz.

You can view It’s All Good episodes and additional resources online.

The It’s All Good animated series features New Zealand’s sharpest legal advisor Aunty and her well-meaning nephew Herman Faleafa. Herman means well but often has his head in the clouds and doesn’t think things through when it comes to money. So he needs Aunty and others to keep his feet on the ground and money in his wallet while he learns what his rights are. The animations have been well received by the community budgeting advisory sector and, since making their debut in 2016, have had more than 800,000 views online.