At the beginning of November we launched a campaign to promote our new Beginner's Guide to Broadband videos. The three videos cover how to choose your broadband, how to improve your broadband performance, and how to resolve disputes with your provider. They are aimed at demystifying broadband for consumers and are presented by former TVNZ Fair Go host Gordon Harcourt, who is now a member of our Communications and Advocacy teams. The videos can be viewed here.

In November we also released a series of product safety videos, focusing on toys. This was driven by the fact that our product safety investigations have shown us that many businesses simply don’t know their legal obligations. As well as taking enforcement action, we want to educate businesses about the need to be aware of and comply with the mandatory product safety standard for toys for children aged 36 months and under. The videos include an information video for traders and a demonstration of toy testing. The centrepiece is the story of a toy animation which shows the potentially tragic consequences of supplying an unsafe toy. The videos were sent directly to traders who sell or have sold toys, and to various consumer stakeholders with an interest in toy safety, such as early childhood sector groups. The videos and more detailed guidance for businesses can be found on our website, along with advice for consumers.