A video of some highlights from the 2017 Auckland event can be found on this page.

This year’s events in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland saw the launch of our Red Flags initiative, to help budget advisors better identify lender conduct that may be unlawful, and to tell the Commission about it.

The purpose of the events is to:

  • build our connection with the consumer advisory sector
  • hear about issues in credit markets and unlawful behaviour causing harm to borrowers
  • update the community on our enforcement action
  • inform the community about any new initiatives the Commission is undertaking.

We wish to help the sector better understand the role and functions of the Commission and what happens to the information they provide to us. We encourage consumer advocates to report instances of consumer harm in credit markets. They can bring our attention to issues we are unlikely to hear about directly from borrowers themselves.

The forums began in 2014 in the Mangere Community Law centre in Auckland. They proved to be valuable events for the community as well as the Commission and in 2015 we extended them to Wellington and Christchurch. Attendance has increased every year and the 2017 Auckland event was moved from Mangere to the larger Fickling Centre in Three Kings.