The 111 contact code (the code) has been drafted to support home phone customers who may be unable to call 111 in a power cut, due to New Zealand’s transition to new home phone networks like fibre and fixed wireless. These new networks need a power supply in the home to work. This means they may not work in a power cut.

The code requires providers to tell their customers that services on new technologies may not work in a power cut and to regularly remind customers to be prepared. If home phone customers on new technologies have no other way of contacting 111 and consider themselves as being at greater risk of needing to call 111 then they may qualify for extra support. They will be able to apply to their home phone provider who must supply them with an alternative way of contacting 111 at no cost. This will ensure that they have a backup in the event of a power cut.

Our one-pager (to the right) gives an overview of the code and suggests ways that consumer can protect themselves.

We have also developed a short quiz to help consumers find out if the home phone technology they are on will work in a power cut.

Feedback is due by 5pm Friday 17 July 2020 and can be provided either by completing our online survey or by making a formal submission.

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We have developed an online survey to provide a simple way for individual consumers to provide feedback on some main themes and key aspects of the draft code.

Make sure to clearly identify any confidential information as we may publish consolidated feedback on our website.

Tell us what you think

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The full draft 111 code and accompanying reasons paper can be found on the 111 contact code project page.