The purpose of the study is to consider and evaluate whether competition in the grocery sector is promoting outcomes that benefit New Zealand consumers over the long term. The study is focused on the supply of groceries consumed by retail customers.

The terms of reference for the study were set by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and can be found here.

We will publish our draft report around July 2021 for consultation and our final report by 23 November 2021. These findings will be made publicly available and may include recommendations that identify ways to improve outcomes in the retail grocery sector for New Zealand consumers.

During our study, we will engage with and gather evidence from a wide range of stakeholders, including the major and independent grocery retailers (large and small), wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, consumer bodies, consumers, government departments and other interested parties and market participants.

Our market study guidelines, which describe our general processes and approach to all market studies, can be found here.

Information relating to the retail grocery study, including our Statement of Process paper, Preliminary Issues paper, submissions, media releases, our draft report, and a timeline for our current and planned consultation steps will be available through the links below.

Preliminary Issues Paper

On 10 December 2020, we released our Preliminary Issues paper. The paper outlines the preliminary issues we may explore and the proposed scope for the study.

We welcome feedback on the paper from all interested parties. We also intend to engage more directly with a range of stakeholders, including consumers and smaller suppliers and retailers in early 2021.

The paper can be downloaded from the ‘Documents’ tab below. The paper features a series of questions that the Commission is seeking responses on. The Commission welcomes any supporting evidence that submitters may be able to provide with their submissions. Submissions can be uploaded via our submissions portal by clicking the button below.

Submissions close at 4pm on 4 February 2021.

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We will be seeking feedback from interested stakeholders, including from consumers, throughout the study.

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Note:  Dates shown below are indicative only and subject to change. A further update on planned dates for release of the Draft report will be provided closer to its release.

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