The Commission has released its Complaints Snapshot for 2019/20, showing that we received nearly 10,000 complaints in the last financial year.

The Complaints Snapshot identifies through speech bubbles, some of the kinds of consumer complaints submitted to the Commission.

The impact of COVID-19 has seen a record level of travel-related complaints to the Commerce Commission in the 2019/20 year, and 20% of nearly 10,000 complaints relate to COVID-19 in some way.

Traders should take note of what sort of things consumers contact us about – whether or not it is in their industry or sector.

Consumer complaints are important to us and we continue to use these as one source of information in prioritising our work and identifying conduct we should investigate. Complaints also show us where consumers and businesses need more information to understand or comply with the law and help us show policy makers where the law is or isn’t working well.

We cannot investigate everything and so we focus on issues relevant to the laws that we enforce that are likely to impact consumers and markets the most. We do not resolve private disputes. If complaints do not relate to the laws that we enforce, we often refer them to other agencies who can help.

This is the second iteration of the Complaints Snapshot. Prior to 2019, we released annual Consumer Issues Reports.