We are responsible for enforcing laws relating to competition, fair trading, and consumer credit contracts, and have regulatory responsibilities in the electricity lines, gas pipelines, telecommunications, dairy and airport sectors.

Our overarching goal is to make New Zealanders better off. We aim to do this by playing our part in ensuring markets work well and consumers and businesses are confident participants in those markets.

As an effective competition agency and regulator we also help to ensure:

  • consumers are protected, and clear and accurate information is provided to them
  • there is a level playing field for competitors – the rules are known and players are monitored
  • market power is not taken advantage of for an anti-competitive purpose
  • cartel behaviour is addressed
  • the level of competition in a market is not substantially lessened by mergers or agreements between businesses
  • poor, misleading or unbalanced information affecting competition in the market is addressed
  • regulated businesses face incentives to provide long-term benefits for consumers.

Competition is a key driver for delivering greater productivity and growth in the economy. It incentivises firms to innovate, and rewards efficiencies in business. Through regulation we seek to achieve comparable outcomes in markets with little or no competition.

The Commission is an Independent Crown Entity. This independence requires us to be an impartial promoter and enforcer of the law. We are primarily accountable to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and the Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications for our performance.

Market studies

On 24 October 2018, Parliament passed the Commerce Amendment Bill 2018, an amendment to the Commerce Act that empowers the Commission to undertake market studies (also known as competition studies).

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