When you buy goods or services in New Zealand you are protected by consumer laws. The Commission enforces some of these laws including ones that give you rights when you borrow money or buy goods on credit.

We also enforce business competition laws and have regulatory responsibilities in the electricity lines, gas pipelines, telecommunications, dairy and airport sectors which aim to benefit consumers.

The consumer laws we enforce include:

  • Fair Trading Act which prohibits false and misleading behaviour by businesses
  • Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act which protects consumers when they borrow money or buy goods on credit
  • Commerce Act which prohibits anti-competitive mergers and behaviour.

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Making a complaint

If you have a concern about the conduct of a trader or individual, you can make a complaint to us. We get thousands of complaints every year, so unfortunately we can not investigate all of them. We have a prioritisation process to make sure that we address the issues that cause the most harm or have the potential to cause the most harm to consumers. However, we are grateful for all information we receive as it help us understand the issues consumers are experiencing and where best to direct our resources.

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For concerns about misleading or deceptive conduct relating to financial products or services (apart from consumer loans) please contact the FMA.

Who else can help

Some of the complaints we receive are outside the scope of our responsibilities such as complaints about faulty goods and services and breaches of advertising standards. We do not provide legal advice to consumers or businesses. We also do not regulate retail prices in any industry. As long as businesses are not involved in anti-competitive or misleading activities we don't decide if retail prices are fair.

Other organisations which may be able to help you include: