The future of phone and broadband

New Zealand is transitioning from the old copper telephone and broadband network to new technologies via fibre and mobile networks. The Commerce Commission role is to develop the safeguards to protect consumers during this transition.

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Phone and broadband

The world of telecommunications can be complex. Our consumer advice is designed to provide you with information to help you make informed purchasing decisions, enter into a fair contract with your provider, ensure you receive accurate and understandable bills, and provide advice about where to turn if things go wrong.

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Copper to fibre transition FAQs

We answer some frequently asked questions about the transition from copper to newer networks such as fibre and wireless.

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Telecommunications retail service quality

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment recently conducted a review of the Telecommunications Act to establish a regulatory framework for fibre fixed line access services.

As part of the review, a number of new consumer provisions have been added to the Act to improve retail service quality (RSQ) through increased information and added consumer protections.

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Broadband performance

The Commission runs a programme to monitor the broadband performance of more than 3,000 New Zealand households.

The aim of the monitoring programme is to provide consumers with independent information on broadband performance across different providers, plans and technologies, to help them choose the best broadband for their household. Shining a light on actual broadband performance will also encourage telecommunications providers to compete on performance and not just price.

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Buying goods and services

Any person who buys goods or services in New Zealand is protected by New Zealand's fair trading laws. When deciding whether to buy a good or service, you must be given accurate and truthful information.

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