Before you sell

It is illegal for businesses to give false or misleading information or create a misleading impression about a product or service. Business must also be able to substantiate any claims they make about the products or services they offer for sale.

This applies to anyone in trade – from big players like major retailers, airlines and department stores, to small or temporary businesses like a food truck or souvenir stand.

The Fair Trading Act covers all aspects of the promotion and sale of goods and services. It includes anything you say about a product or service, either verbally or in writing. It also includes an impression given by pictures, advertisements, promotional material or a sales pitch, or by something which is not said – but is important information that is left out.

Selling online

The internet has given businesses the opportunity to sell to anyone no matter where they are.

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Selling at auction

Auctions have always been a popular sales technique, used to sell many types of goods from small household items through to cars and houses.

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