Equivalence and non-discrimination guidance

The Commission has published guidance on our interpretation of the equivalence and non-discrimination obligations on telecommunications network operators. We have also provided information sheets on these obligations and fibre services regulation.

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Copper services

We are responsible for setting the wholesale prices Chorus can charge other telecommunications providers to access its copper network and cabinet software. We also determine the terms of supply for these services.

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Consumer protections for copper withdrawal

We are seeking feedback on the consumer protections and proposed process that will regulate when Chorus will be permitted to stop providing copper services from 2020 in areas where fibre is available.

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Fibre services

We are currently working on developing and implementing a new regulatory regime for fibre fixed line access services (FFLAS) under Part 6 of the Telecommunications Act.

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Mobile services

We regulate a number of mobile services, including number portability – ensuring consumers can keep their phone number when they switch providers – and the termination rates mobile providers charge each other.

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Standard terms determinations (STDs)

STDs set out the terms on which wholesale telecommunications service providers must deliver their services to other telecommunications providers. These wholesale regulated services are used to provide retail services to New Zealand households and businesses. For example, we issue determinations on the terms Chorus must provide to retail telecommunications companies to access its broadband network, and the terms that govern how competing mobile phone providers allow for their consumers to communicate with each other.

See the full list of STDs.

Service deregulation reviews

Every 5 years we must investigate whether existing regulated services can be deregulated or changed. After completing an investigation we make our recommendations and if any changes to regulatory provisions are proposed, these have to be accepted by the relevant Government Minister before being implemented.

See the full list of service deregulation reviews we have completed.

Telecommunications access codes

The Telecommunications Industry Forum can submit draft telecommunications access codes to the Commission for approval. These codes set out standard procedures and requirements or principles for the industry with regards to specified services.

As part of the recent amendments to the Telecommunications Act, the Commission can now create Retail Service Quality (RSQ) codes. These codes will aim to improve retail service quality for consumers, where the industry has not created its own code or minimum requirements.

See the full list of approved access codes and RSQ codes.