Fair Trading

The Fair Trading Act prohibits false and misleading consumer information.

Report a business or person.

Find out how to report a business or person you think isn't complying with the law. To make a report you can email us, complete our report form or call 0800 94 3600.

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Unfair Contract Terms Guidelines and consumer fact sheet

Enforcement Criteria: The Commerce Commission applies the following enforcement criteria: extent of detriment, seriousness of conduct and public interest. Find out more

Enforcement Response Register for Fair Trading and CCCF Acts

DVD: Order An Evening with the Fair Trading Act by emailing contact@comcom.govt.nz. Or watch the DVD at www.youtube.com/commercecommission.

Note: a number of changes have been made to the Fair Trading Act since this DVD was produced. The penalties mentioned in the DVD are no longer correct – read about the new fines from June 2014. Additional provisions have also been introduced which are not included in the DVD, more information on these can be found in our fact sheets – unsubstantiated representations, uninvited direct sales, buying and selling online, and layby sales.

An overview of consumer rights can be found in our Know Your Rights factsheet.

Fair Trading Act fact sheets

The Commerce Commission publishes fact sheets for businesses and consumers wanting to better understand their obligations and rights under the Fair Trading Act.

Most popular fact sheets:

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The Commerce Commission publishes guidelines to help consumers and businesses better understand the Fair Trading Act.

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Product safety standards

There are currently six product safety standard regulations. They are for: baby walkers, childen's toys, cigarette lighters, household cots and pedal bicycles.

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Consumer information standards

Currently there are four consumer information standards regulations. They are for country of origin labelling for clothing and footwear, care labelling, fibre content labelling and used motor vehicles.

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Developing a Fair Trading compliance programme

A compliance programme is an in-house checking system designed to ensure that businesses and their staff do not breach the Fair Trading Act.

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