Decisions register

The decisions register is a collection of all recent Commerce Commission decisions.

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Decision number Decision Date Section
[2016] NZCC 18 Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH and Merial (Sanofi SA) clearance determination 13/09/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 17 New Zealand Racing Board authorisation determination 29/08/2016 Anti-competitive practices authorisations
[2016] NZCC 16 Transpower Individual Price-Quality Path Amendment Determination 2016 22/08/2016 Electricity transmission
[2016] NZCC 15 Cost of capital determination – Transpower, GPBs and Airports ID 29/07/2016 Gas pipelines
[2016] NZCC 14 Fletcher Building Holdings New Zealand Limited and Higgins Group Holdings Limited clearance determination 07/07/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 13 Review of Designated and Specified Services under Schedule 1 of the Telecommunications Act 30/06/2016 Telecommunications
[2016] NZCC 12 Cost of capital determination – First Gas Ltd CPP 30/06/2016 Gas transmission
[2016] NZCC 11 Final decision on review of the MTAS STD monitoring requirements 19/05/2016 Telecommunications
[2016] NZCC 10 Z Energy Limited and Chevron New Zealand clearance determination 29/04/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 9 Cost of capital determination – information disclosure for EDBs and Airports with March year-end 29/04/2016 Electricity distribution and airports
[2016] NZCC 8 H.B. Fuller Company Australia Pty Ltd and Advanced Adhesives (NZ) Ltd clearance determination 20/04/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 7 Spark New Zealand Trading Limited and Craig Wireless Spectrum Operations Limited and Woosh Wireless Holdings Limited clearance determination 23/03/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 6 Cost of capital determination for Powerco GDB CPP 31/03/2016 Gas distribution
[2016] NZCC 5 Tennex Capital Limited and San-i-pak Limited clearance determination 29/02/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 4 Coty Inc. and The Procter and Gamble Company clearance determination 22/02/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 3 Airport Services (Land Valuation) Input Methodologies Amendment Determination 2016 24/02/2016 Airports
[2016] NZCC 2 Rheem New Zealand Ltd and Peter Cocks (2010) Ltd clearance determination 03/02/2016 Clearances
[2016] NZCC 1 Cost of capital determination – 2017 Information Disclosure year for Maui Development Limited 29/01/2016 Gas transmission
[2015] NZCC 38 Final pricing review determination for Chorus’ unbundled bitstream access service 15/12/2015 Telecommunications
[2015] NZCC 37 Final pricing review determination for Chorus’ unbundled copper local loop service 15/12/2015 Telecommunications