These guidelines are intended to ensure our quantitative analysis is robust and fit-for-purpose.

What is quantitative analysis?

Quantitative analysis includes simple calculations (eg, calculating a percentage, calculating a total), data mapping exercises, econometric models (eg, regression analysis), financial models and producing bar charts and other graphics to describe data.

The guidelines cover five key principles:

  • Principle 1: the analysis has a clear objective.
  • Principle 2: the analysis uses appropriate approaches and techniques.
  • Principle 3: the analysis is repeatable and replicable.
  • Principle 4: the results of the analysis are robust and explainable.
  • Principle 5: all quantitative analysis is reviewed.

These principles apply to any quantitative analysis used in our decision-making. The actions we take to implement the principles may vary across projects.

The guidelines apply only where we consider quantitative analysis is appropriate. They do not provide guidance or recommendations on whether quantitative analysis is required as part of our decision-making.