Our vision is that New Zealanders are better off. To achieve our vision we have two strategic objectives:

  • markets work well
  • consumers and businesses are confident market participants.

These are supported by three key strategies:

  • We will seize opportunities to have the greatest impact
  • We will protect, inform and empower consumers and businesses
  • We will be trusted, influential and high performing
Read more about the Commission's vision and strategy for 2017–2022 PDF (4 MB)

Our values


We produce excellent work that stands up to scrutiny. We continually look for ways to improve. We recruit and retain excellent people and support their development.


Our independence inspires the trust and confidence of New Zealanders. We are fair, honest and impartial.


We answer to New Zealanders for the work we do and the money we spend. We take individual responsibility to deliver what we say we will.


We work together, support and respect each other. We value the diversity of people and their opinions.

Good judgement

We understand the environment in which we operate and the impact of our actions. What we do is relevant and useful. We are proactive and flexible and look for common sense solutions.