There are three ways you can report information about cartels to the Commission.

Immunity/leniency and cooperation

Leniency is a key tool in detecting and deterring cartels in New Zealand. To encourage reporting of cartels, the Commission’s leniency programme offers the first party to apply the opportunity to obtain full leniency from civil proceedings from the Commission and full immunity from criminal prosecution from the Solicitor General. This includes avoiding any financial penalties. If immunity or leniency is not available you may be able to apply for cooperation.

To be granted leniency, immunity or cooperation, companies and individuals need to cooperate fully with the Commission in its investigation and proceedings against other parties.

More information about the leniency programme is available in our FAQs and Cartel Leniency Policy and Guidelines.

Hypothetical enquiries or applications should be made to the General Manager of the Competition and Consumer Branch during working hours (8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday):

Anonymous whistleblowing tool

We recognise there are situations where someone who has knowledge or specific information about a cartel might be reluctant to report it for fear of negative consequences or reprisals. However, this knowledge may be key to detecting and breaking up cartels.

For such cases, the Commission has a secure anonymous whistleblowing tool which uses encryption methods to allow you to submit a report anonymously. The information provided through this online tool cannot be traced back to you, as long as you do not enter any information that identifies you.

How secure is the tool?

WhistleB is a global whistleblowing service provider. The tool is designed to ensure the highest possible data security and privacy settings and it encrypts any data and information provided. It is also regularly tested by external security experts.

Read more information on the security of the WhistleB anonymous whistleblower tool.

To submit a confidential report you will need to:

  • copy and paste the link recorded below into a browser (this will take you to our tool without tracing your IP address)
  • complete the form providing details of the alleged cartel conduct.

Please note leniency applications cannot be submitted anonymously via the whistleblowing tool.

Learn more about the anonymous whistleblowing tool

General report

If you want to report cartel conduct and do not require anonymity, you can do so by completing a complaint form, emailing, or calling us on 0800 943 600. Information provided to us, no matter how small, can be valuable when added to other information we may hold.

Read more about making a complaint