The show features New Zealand’s sharpest legal advisor, Aunty and her nephew, Herman Faleafa. Herman means well but he often has his head in the clouds and doesn’t think things through, especially when it comes to money. So he needs Aunty and others to keep his feet on the ground.

Each episode focuses on a common situation that many New Zealanders will find themselves in, for example getting a loan, being a guarantor, buying a car, returning a faulty TV and working through sales interactions with door-to-door sellers and mobile traders. Aunty does her best to make sure Herman has his head on straight and knows his rights, with a few laughs along the way.

So join Aunty and Herman in making sure you know your rights... from your wrongs.

Ep 1: Herman Faleafa wants a loan

Thinking about getting a loan
Herman dreams of watching the rugby on his own big screen TV. He visits his local lender Marcus Money after deciding to take out a loan to purchase a 4K TV and finds getting a loan is not like it was in the past.

Ep 2: It costs how much?

Signing up to a loan
Herman is still committed to realising his dreams of high definition glory but when he returns to see Marcus about getting a loan he finds out what the loan will really cost once fees and interest are added.

Ep 3: Tell him he's dreaming

Loan guarantors
Herman needs someone to guarantee his loan so he can realise what Aunty refers to as “his ridiculously large television set aspirations”. But when Marcus outlines exactly what being a guarantor means, will Aunty agree to guarantee Herman’s loan?

Ep 4: Herman's totally unexpected hot pie incident

Problems with your loan
In a totally unexpected hot pie incident Herman crashes his car into an ice cream van and loses his ability to earn money as a freelance taxi driver. Wondering if he will still have to make his loan repayments he turns to Aunty and Marcus for help and learns all about hardship applications.

Ep 5: The one when the repo guy comes

With his car still out of action, Herman has fallen behind on his car loan repayments. He comes face to face with the consequences when the repossession man turns up at his front door.

Ep 6: Cough it up Herman!

Toy safety
It’s Junior’s birthday and Herman is out shopping for party supplies. While looking for toys for the goodie bags, he discovers why toys for children under 3 must meet safety standards.

Ep 7: Indebted to Aunty (again)

Interest and fees after repossession
Herman gets an unexpected bill for interest and fees after his furniture was repossessed. He turns to Aunty for help and finds things are not what they should be.

Ep 8: Herman meets his match

Buying a car
Herman is getting back on his feet and looking for a reliable family car. After some advice from Aunty on the Consumer Guarantees Act, he gets more than he bargains for when he takes a car for a test drive.

Ep 9: Let’s agree to disagree

Refunds, repairs and replacements
Herman stands up for his consumer rights after he struggles to get a replacement when his ‘awesome as’ TV blows up.

Ep 10: Herman’s extended decision

Extended warranties
Herman heads to the store to buy the kids a game system and has to decide whether to purchase an extended warranty.

Ep 11: The magnificent mySuck-O

Door-to-door and telemarketing sales
Herman experiences buyer remorse after a persistent door-to-door sales man sells him a vacuum cleaner.

Ep 12: As seen in the matrix

Mobile traders
Herman and Charmaine visit a mobile trader looking for a cellphone and find the deal might not be as good as it seems.

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