Notice to supply information and documents to the Commerce Commission – emerging technologies

On 9 May this year, we published an open letter to our stakeholders setting out our proposed next steps to continue engaging on how emerging technologies are developing in the electricity sector, including gathering further information from distributors.

In particular, we aim to develop our understanding of:

  • what emerging technology distributors are investing in
  • what effect emerging technologies are having on the sector
  • how emerging technology investments are being accounted for within the Part 4 regime of the Commerce Act.

We have now decided to request information from all distributors, having considered submissions on the open letter.

Attached is an information gathering notice that you are required to complete. The notice specifies the format you must provide the relevant information in, and the form of the certificate you must provide with this information. The notice itself has been issued under section 53ZD(e) of the Commerce Act.

This information will improve our understanding of:

  • distributors’ ability to understand and manage potential changes in peak demand from emerging technologies
  • how distributors have accounted for their emerging technology investments, including understanding how EDBs have allocated costs and revenues associated with related investments.

Responses are required no later than 4.30pm on Tuesday, 4 September 2018.

In preparing the notice the ENA has provided us feedback on the content and EDBs’ ability to comply. However, if you have further questions concerning the notice please email (c/o Laura Davidson). We intend to record any questions we receive and our responses on a register on our website. We will update the register during the period up to 4 September 2018.