We reviewed a sample of these self-assessments and produced a working paper which includes:

  • our initial observations on the self-assessed maturity of asset management practices,
  • the level of support for AMMAT among distributors, and
  • how electricity distributors intend to use the results of their self-assessments.

We found it encouraging that a number of distributors assessed themselves as being mature or close to mature on the 31 assessment areas that form part of the AMMAT.

We also found it encouraging that many distributors appear to have assessed themselves critically against the asset management reference standard, found areas for improvement and given themselves lower scores where they considered this was appropriate.

There appears to be generally support for the AMMAT among electricity distributors. Many businesses are planning to use the findings from their self-assessment.

The paper also explains why we think that it is not very useful to compare results from the first AMMAT across distributors and attempt to interpret differences in results as differences in actual maturity.

The AMMAT is part of a wider set of information that electricity distributors have to publicly disclose under the disclosure requirements that we set.