Price-quality regulation will apply to certain fibre services provided by Chorus.

Information disclosure will apply to all providers of fibre services regulated under Part 6:

  • Chorus
  • Enable Networks
  • Northpower Fibre
  • UltraFast Fibre

We intend to publish draft decisions in April-June 2021, and final decisions in October-December 2021.

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Price-quality regulation

The price-quality path we set will regulate the total revenue Chorus can recover from providing regulated fibre services, and the quality at which those services are provided. The price-quality path is intended to create incentives for Chorus to act in ways that are consistent with the long-term benefit of end users, such as creating incentives to invest in its network, to innovate and improve efficiency, and to deliver services at a level that meet end-user demands.

Information disclosure regulation

Information disclosure regulation requires businesses to periodically publish information about their performance.

This will include important data on pricing, current and future expenditure, quality performance, and financial statements. In the future, we will provide analysis of this information to help interested parties understand how fibre providers are performing individually and when compared to others.

Fibre PQID draft decision briefing

In May 2021 we held a briefing on the draft decisions on information disclosure for fibre and key elements of the price-quality path for Chorus. You can watch a video of this briefing below. To view the PowerPoint used at the briefing, please click here.

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