There are many makes and models of appliances and electronic products, with differing quality, size, function and look. This can make it quite confusing when you aren't sure what you are looking for.

To get the best deal for you, make sure you compare prices and options across a range of stores.

Businesses cannot mislead you, or give you false information about the product, such as the price or features it may have. There are also minimum guarantees that apply to all products acquired from a business and you can seek repairs, replacements or refunds if these are not as expected. This is covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA).

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You will often see price comparisons, discounts or special offers when you are shopping for appliances or electronics. Any claims made about price must be clear, accurate and unambiguous for you as the consumer.

You should shop around, don't assume that because there's a discount or sale advertised, it is the cheapest available price.

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Extended warranties

When buying an appliance or electronic product you might be offered an extended warranty. Before deciding whether to purchase one, make sure you know exactly what extra protections the warranty offers you, compared with the rights you already have under the CGA.

When you are offered an extended warranty, the business or salesperson must:

  • provide you with a document that on the front page explains the protections you automatically have under the CGA and compare your CGA protections with the protections offered by the extended warranty
  • explain that if you buy an extended warranty, you can change your mind and cancel the extended warranty within 5 working days, and get a full refund of the price you paid for the extended warranty.

Having this information means you can make an informed choice about whether you are better protected with an extended warranty than without one, whether you want or need the extended warranty, and whether it is worth the price you have to pay.

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