The Commission can investigate businesses for breaches of anti-competitive behaviour under the Commerce Act. Read more about what is illegal under the Act.

Market studies

Legislation enabling the Commission to undertake market studies passed through Parliament in October 2018. The Government announced on 3 December 2018 that the first market study the Commission was to undertake would be into the supply of retail petrol and diesel used in land transport in New Zealand.

Information on this study can be found on the fuel market study project page.

Information on fuel prices and margins

MBIE carries out weekly monitoring of “importer margins” for regular petrol and automotive diesel. The importer margin is the money retailers have to cover local transport and the costs of selling fuel in New Zealand, as well as profit. See more on the MBIE website.

The AA also monitors prices and margins and has information on their website including a breakdown of the components of the price of fuel. See more on the AA website.