Having this information means you can make an informed decision when thinking about whether to buy clothing and footwear.

What goods do the rules apply to?

Most new clothing and footwear must carry country of origin labelling.

Footwear includes shoes, athletic shoes and boots, sandals, jandals, boots, slippers, work boots, gumboots and children's shoes.

Some goods are excluded, including:

  • second-hand clothing and footwear
  • jewellery
  • handkerchiefs
  • handbags
  • wigs and hairpieces
  • component parts of footwear or clothing, eg, fabric and insoles
  • kneecap and ankle supports
  • parts of bras, corselets, corsets, braces, suspenders, garters and similar articles.

New food labelling Regulations will come into force on 12 November 2021 for fresh and thawed food and on 12 May 2023 for frozen food. This provides for consumers to get information about where their food comes from. Find more information here.

What are the country of origin labelling requirements?

The label or marking must be in English. The lettering must be clear and no individual letter shall be less than 1.5 mm high.

Clothing labels

The label for clothing must be a permanent label which you can see when examining the clothing. It must be on the item, or if it is not able to be seen because of the way the item is packaged, displayed or folded, it should also be on a removable label or on the packaging.

Footwear labels

Every individual item of footwear should have its country of origin printed, stencilled, branded or marked so you can see it. If this is not practical because of the footwear's design, composition or construction, the country of origin information should be on a removable label or the packaging.

What other labels are required?

Who do the rules apply to?

Any person supplying, offering to supply or advertising the supply of new clothing or footwear must comply with the regulations.

This includes goods for sale:

  • in a shop
  • on online auction sites
  • at markets or stalls.
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Make a complaint

If you think a product has not got the correct country of origin label, you can make a complaint to us.