The summaries are designed to promote a better understanding of each company’s performance by providing high-level statistics such as profitability, capital and operating expenditure, asset condition, revenue and network reliability. They follow the same template as the performance summaries the Commission released last year for electricity lines companies.

Deputy Chair Sue Begg said developing and publishing performance summaries was part of the Commission’s drive to continue to improve its understanding of the performance of infrastructure industries and share that knowledge with relevant stakeholders.

“By pulling this technical data together in one place we want to make it easily accessible for industry, Government agencies and consumers. It also assists us to identify trends in performance and enables comparison across companies,” Ms Begg said.

“The summaries are a high-level snapshot of the businesses and are not intended to represent a thoroughly detailed picture of performance. There are a limited number of gas distribution businesses and it is important to recognise the characteristics of their networks are quite different. However generally the data indicates that the sector provides a high level of reliability, supported by good asset condition, with levels of forecast network investment generally stable.”

Performance summary statistics for both the gas and electricity sectors are sourced from more detailed public disclosures and will be updated each year.

The summaries for First Gas, Powerco, GasNet and Vector are available on the Commission’s website.


Where did the data for these summaries come from?

The summaries are based on the most recent information that was publicly disclosed by each gas distribution business under our information disclosure requirements (covering the year ending either 30 June or 30 September 2017). Most of the data has either been audited and/or certified by the directors of the businesses. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors in the data provided. The performance summaries released today do not include First Gas’ gas transmission business.