Pedal bicycles are covered by a mandatory product safety standard enforced by the Commerce Commission. The standard requires that certain bicycles must have front and rear brakes, and must be supplied along with specified safety information.

Between 4 October and 17 November 2017, Torpedo7 (via its 1-Day website) advertised and offered to supply 100 Hang-Ten Cruiser bicycles and subsequently supplied 53 bicycles.

None of the bicycles had a front brake installed, as required by the standard. In addition, they did not comply with the standard because:

  • they were not marked with the manufacturer, importer or supplier’s details
  • the owner’s manual did not provide all required torque settings and advice on use of a torque wrench
  • the manual did not include warnings regarding increased braking distance in the wet, replacement of handle bar grips and the rake of any replacement fork.

In sentencing in the Hamilton District Court today, Judge Roberts said Torpedo7’s conduct was “highly culpable and a deterrent sentence is required”.  He said that “larger commercial entities should be applying resources to the development of a robust compliance regime”.

“The fact that no harm actually registered misses the point. The bikes were an accident waiting to happen. The latent risk was always there,” he said.

For the Commission, General Manager Competition and Consumer Branch Antonia Horrocks said “the bikes sold by Torpedo7 put their riders at risk of serious harm. Working front brakes are essential to ensure cyclist, pedestrian and other road user safety, and the information requirements help keep riders and road users safe. Traders who supply bicycles must know their legal obligations and they must have compliance programmes in place to ensure they are meeting those obligations.”

Torpedo7 recalled the bicycles after being contacted by the Commission.

Consumers who purchased one of the affected bicycles should contact Torpedo7 via its website.


Torpedo7 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Warehouse Group Limited. It operates 16 stores and online and the daily deal website.