Subpart 2 of Schedule 1 of the Telecommunications Act (the Act) contains two designated multinetwork services:

  • Local Telephone Number Portability Service (Local Number Portability or LNP)
  • Cellular Telephone Number Portability Service (Mobile Number Portability or MNP) (together, the LMNP Services).

We issued the first LMNP Services determination, Decision 554, in 2005 and the services were made available to end-users from 2007

after the necessary processes were established. We issued subsequent determinations in 2010 (Decision 705) and 2016 (Decision 32).

The current Determination (Decision 32) consists of the following key parts:

  • the determination for the designated multinetwork services of ‘local telephone number portability service’ and ‘cellular telephone number portability service’
  • LMNP Terms (Attachment C of the Determination)
  • Network Terms (Attachment D of the Determination).

These parts together contain the matters that are required to be included in a designated multinetwork service determination, as set out in sections 31AA and 40 of the Act.

We have decided there are reasonable grounds to commence an investigation into issuing a new determination for the LMNP services under section 39 of the Act. We intend to issue a new determination by 19 December 2021 when the current determination expires.

On 6 October we published our Number portability draft determination.

On 2 December we published our Local and Mobile Number Portability (LMNP) Determination 2021.

The new determination [2021] will take effect on 20 December 2021.

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