The register lists persons who may be able to vote on draft telecommunications access codes that are:

  • prepared by the TCF (New Zealand Telecommunications Forum) and to be submitted to the Commission for approval
  • prepared by the Commission.

This process is separate from the consultation process on the Copper Withdrawal Code, 111 Contact Code and Retail Service Quality Codes. You do not need to be on the register to participate in the consultation process for these codes.

We manage applications to add persons to the register and make this information public.

Updates to the register are ongoing.

See the register of eligible persons PDF (128 KB)

Make and application to be added to the register

Applications to add a person to the register of eligible persons must be made using the application form below. The application form lists the specific criteria to be entitled to register.

Make an application

We endeavour to complete any assessment within 15 working days of receiving a complete application.

If we decline an application, we will provide the applicant with a written explanation.

If you have any questions on the Eligible persons register process, you can email us at, with “Eligible persons register” in the subject line.