Particulars of applicant
Application submitted by
Please tick one of the following criteria and refer to next paragraph for supporting documents
Please upload the supporting documents below, depending on the relevant criteria:
  • If you ticked option (a):
    • information describing the telecommunication service provided by the applicant
    • a diagram or description of the applicant’s network in New Zealand
    • information explaining the nature of the relationship between the applicant and any network provider
    • any other information that may be relevant.
  • If you have ticked option (b):
    • state the relevant designated service, specified service, or service supplied under a registered undertaking
    • provide information to the Commission to demonstrate that the applicant is an access provider or an access seeker in respect of that service.
  • If you have ticked option (c):
    • provide evidence of your plans for the foreseeable future. We would expect that such plans should be confirmed as true and correct and signed by a director of the applicant.