We are considering any factors that may affect competition for the supply or acquisition of key building supplies used to build the major components of residential buildings.

For the purposes of this study, major components of residential buildings are the foundation, flooring, roof, walls (structural and non-structural interior and exterior) and insulation.

As part of the study, we are looking at a range of things, including:

  • the industry structure for key building supplies covered by this study
  • the nature of competition for these key building supplies, including any industry pricing practices or acquisition requirements that impact on competition
  • barriers to the entry or expansion of new or innovative building supplies, such as 'green' buildings supplies or novel prefabricated products.

Full terms of reference for the study can be found here.

Stakeholder engagement

As part of this study, the Commission is engaging with and/or requesting information from a range of stakeholders.

We sought feedback on a Preliminary Issues paper from December 2021 to 4 February 2022. Public versions of the submissions we received can be viewed in the documents tab below. On 31 March 2022 we published an Additional Paper on the scope of this study.

Our stakeholder engagement will continue throughout most of 2022. If you would like to be part of the engagement process, please email buildingsuppliesmarketstudy@comcom.govt.nz.

Tell us about your experience

As part of this study we have issued several surveys and invited responses to help build our understanding.

Regulatory and standards systems – survey

We are currently inviting feedback from all stakeholders. We want to hear whether there are potential regulatory barriers in relation to key building supplies and, if so, the specific issues and possible solutions that you might propose. We will consider the feedback received through the survey alongside the submissions we invited in our Additional Paper on the scope of this study about potential regulatory barriers to the entry or expansion of key building supplies (see below).

If your business is involved in residential building supplies, we would like to hear your views.

You can complete the survey anonymously if you wish.

The survey is open until 23 May 2022.

Take the survey

Closed surveys

Specifying and purchasing key building supplies

We ran a survey to understand the factors that influence the decisions on which key building supplies are specified in plans for residential building work and the factors that influence decisions on which key building supplies are purchased.

The survey closed on 9 May and we are currently analysing the responses we received.

Supplier survey

We ran a supplier survey which covered several topics including suppliers’ product types, distribution options, pricing practices, and set-up costs. We also sought to understand whether there are currently any challenges that may make it difficult for key building supplies to enter and expand in the market to compete effectively and, if so, what those challenges are.

The survey closed on 9 May and we are currently analysing the responses we received.

Regulatory and standards systems – submissions

In our Additional Paper on the scope of this study, we invited submissions from all interested parties regarding any regulatory barriers to the entry or expansion of key building supplies.

Submissions closed on 13 May and we are currently analysing the information we received.

Publication of reports

Around July 2022, we will publish a draft report that sets out our preliminary findings about competition for residential building supplies. If we make preliminary findings that competition is not working well, we may develop some proposed options to improve competition. We will seek feedback on the preliminary findings and any proposed options.

We are required to publish our final report by 6 December 2022. The final report may include recommendations that identify ways to improve competition in the sector for the long-term benefit of consumers.

Confidential information

We understand that some of the information stakeholders may want to share with us could be commercially sensitive and highly confidential. Anyone who has information relevant to the study can ask us to keep their identity and/or the information provided confidential and we can discuss any available protections with them.

If confidentiality is a concern, it should be raised when you first contact us so we can discuss your concerns as early as possible.

For more detail about how we deal with information, please refer to our Market Study Guidelines (page 15 and Attachment A).

Contact us

We will be seeking feedback from interested stakeholders throughout the study.

If you need to contact the building supplies market studies team, please email buildingsuppliesmarketstudy@comcom.govt.nz.

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More information

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Note: these dates are indicative only and are subject to change.

  • 06 Dec 2022

    Final report published

  • 23 May 2022

    Regulatory and standards systems survey closes

  • 13 May 2022


    Submissions on possible regulatory barriers to key building supplies close

  • 09 May 2022


    Builders/specifiers and Supplier surveys close

  • 04 May 2022


    Hui to seek Te Ao Māori perspectives on this study

  • 29 Apr 2022


    Commission announces industry expert John Gardiner engaged to provide advice to assist the study

    See documents

  • 31 Mar 2022


    Additional paper on the scope of this study published

    See documents

  • 16 Mar 2022


    Cross-submissions on Preliminary Issues paper close

    See documents

  • 04 Feb 2022


    Submissions to the Preliminary Issues paper close

    See documents

  • 17 Dec 2021
  • 22 Nov 2021


    Terms of reference published in the gazette

  • 22 Nov 2021
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