Each of the price-quality regulated electricity distributors can apply for its own customised price-quality path (CPP), as a more tailored option than the default price-quality path (DPP). For example, if a business needs to invest more in its network than provided for under the DPP. Customised price‐quality paths are based on our analysis of information specific to the business, and require in‐depth audit, verification, and evaluation of the information provided by the regulated business.

What is a customised price-quality path?

Electricity distribution businesses initially start on a DPP, which relies on relatively low cost approaches for setting price or revenue limits and minimum standards for quality of service. If a business believes the default path does not meet its needs, particularly in terms of future investment requirements, it can apply for a CPP. A customised path is tailored to the company's specific plans and requires us to complete a detailed assessment of its proposal before making a decision on what its price path and quality standards should be.

How do businesses apply for a CPP?

The rules and processes for a CPP proposal, including the requirements for a proposal and the criteria we must consider when evaluating a proposal, are set out in input methodologies that we have developed. Input methodologies are rules, processes, requirements and evaluation criteria for services that are regulated under Part 4 of the Commerce Act.

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CPP decisions and proposals

We have received four CPP proposals to date – one from Orion in 2013, one each from Powerco and Wellington Electricity in 2017, and one from Aurora Energy in 2020.

Aurora Energy’s 2021-2026 CPP and enhanced information disclosure requirements

In March 2021 we set a customised price-quality path for Aurora Energy that takes effect from April 2021 and expires in March 2026.

In August 2021 we set enhanced information disclosure requirements that form part of a package with the CPP requirements.

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Wellington Electricity’s 2018–2021 CPP

In March 2018 we set a customised price-quality path for Wellington Electricity that takes effect from April 2018 and expires in March 2021.

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Powerco's 2018–2023 CPP

In March 2018 we set a customised price-quality path for Powerco that takes effect from April 2018 and expires in March 2023.

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Orion's 2014–2019 CPP

We received Orion’s proposal on 20 February 2013 and made a final decision on 29 November 2013.

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Our assessment of Aurora Energy's investment plan

We received Aurora Energy's customised price-quality path application in June 2020.

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