Transpower may submit a proposal to seek approval for the this type of capital project up to 22 months prior to the end of the regulatory period. The level of approved funding for the listed project is added to the base capex allowance as part of the yearly updates to Transpower's allowed revenue.

The Capital Expenditure Input Methodology sets out the requirements Transpower follows when preparing listed project proposals and the criteria that we use to review and approve a proposal.

Oteranga Bay/Haywards A Line reconductoring listed project

On 10 October we made our decision on Transpower’s proposal to replace the conductors and strengthen the structures of a 9.5km section of its high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission network in Wellington.

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Central Park/Wilton B reconductoring listed project

On 28 June we approved Transpower's proposal to replace conductors on its Central Park Wilton B line, which is one of two transmission lines that supply the Wellington CBD.

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